Content creation can fulfill both creativity and business goals while also realizing the various cultures behind entertainment, art, and philosophy. indi Inc. is a venture capital that incubates content that can achieve these goals.

We at indi will take part in content creation from the early planning phases to the final product to help high-quality content reach people around the world.

We call this process “content incubation.”

Our goal is to create independent, sustainable content built around people, goods, and ideas that have the potential to inspire others.

Quality visual content can use joy, anger, encouragement, and laughter to help people realize new value in life and society, actively promoting a culture of freedom and diversity.

No matter how big or small a project may be, inspiring content always has the power to push humanity and society forward. We treasure passion and love, regardless of if those emotions are born from a place of isolation, as they are vital to creating genuinely inspiring content.

indi aims to become a content incubation venture capital that can lead the creative industry into a new generation.



Our company is your one-stop-shop for content creation, reaching an audience, and expanding globally. We will be your strategic partner from the planning stages to the final more


We are Indi !
We continuously challenge ourselves to think freely, act freely, and create border-crossing more

Project Case.

  • Ninja Illusion LIVE
    Sponsored by indi, Les Pros Entertainment
    Completely original live Japanese-style illusion entertainment. indi sponsored, planned, and will produce the project. Scheduled for a long run from Spring to Autumn 2020. Chosen as one of Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau’s “Nightlife Tourism Support Fund” official projects (Spring~Autumn 2020)
  • Strategy Partner for the Blockchain Technology “Otaku Coin”
    Partner: Otaku Coin Association
    Participated as an advisor with regards to building platforms, related services, and increasing usage for Otaku Coin, a virtual currency focused on maintaining and developing services that promote otaku culture. (From July 2019~)
  • Dentsu Japanimation Studio, Management / Produce
    Partner: Dentsu
    Participated as a manager/producer for Dentsu Japanimation Studio, a cross-departmental Dentsu organization that partners with top animation studios to plan brand solutions for various companies, products, and services. (From November 2018~)
  • “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS” (and more), Strategy Planning / Cooperation
    Partner: RIOT GAMES
    Participated as an IP strategy consultant/planner for RIOT GAMES, a game company known for the international hit esports game “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.” (From January 2019~)
  • “Neko ga Kawaii dake Ten” Project Planning / Cooperation
    Partner: Nippon TV
    Participated in overall event planning, including exhibition and gallery design, for “Neko ga Kawaii dake Ten,” an exhibition of large scale photos sponsored by Nippon TV and more that was held across 7 locations nationwide. (July~October 2019)


Cherish History.Create the New.Go Borderless.

Creating a Culture-Based Economy
Business domain
Content incubation based on inspiring people, goods, and ideas.
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    indi Inc.
  • Founded
    November 1, 2018
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  • CEO
    Eishin Kim
  • Manager
    Ryuhei Homma
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    Blossom Meguro 2F, 2-9-5 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063
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